Presentations and Background Papers

Please find below links to the background papers and/or presentations by key speakers.  

Welcome Reception, 6-9 pm, Monday March 22, 2010

Una misma crisis global con diferentes experiencias regionales: ¿Cuáles son las lecciones aprendidas?
Liliana Rojas-Suarez

Economic Crisis and its Impact to Agriculture
Mohamad Ikhsan

The Changing Outlook for Emerging Economies
Piero Ghezzi

Session 1: Introduction – Setting the Context

Keynote Address by Maximo Torero


Session 2: Macro Policies and Agriculture 

Background Paper Presentation: 

Sebastian Edwards
Presentation by Sebastian Edwards

Macro-economic Policies and Agriculture: Facts from China
Guoqiang Cheng 

Presentation by Guoqiang Chen

Assessing agriculture’s contribution to development and the role of economy-wide policies on the sector 
Alberto Valdés 

Presentation by Xiaobo Zhang

Session 3: Overall Growth Strategies 

Background Paper Presentation by Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

Issues to learn from Asia and Comparative Background Information 
Sohail Jehangir Malik 

Presentation by Sohail Malik

Issue notes on “Overall Growth Strategy”

Funing Zhong
Samuel Morley
Presentation by C. Felipe Jaramillo
Session 4: Agricultural Development Strategies 

Background Paper Presentation 1: 
Why Has Agriculture Grown Differently? Lessons from Asia and Latin America
Shenggen Fan, Ashok Gulati, and Joanna Brzeska 

Presentation by Ashok Gulati

Background Paper Presentation 2: 

Promoting Global Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction

Maros Ivanic and Will Martin
Presentation by Will Martin

Alcido Elenor Wander 

Presentation by Alcido Wander

Issues in Fostering Growth and Reducing Poverty in Asia
Mercedita Sombilla, President, Philippine Association of Agricultural Economics, Philippines

Session 5: Social Protection 

Background Paper Presentation:
Safety Nets and Social Protection: Opportunities for Mutual Learning between Asia and Latin America
John Hoddinott

Presentation by John Hoddinott

The Strengthening of Social Protection as the Result of Altered Development Stages in China
Cai Fang

Presentation by Cai Fang

China social protection:progress and challenges  

Huang Zuhui

Presentation by Huang Zuhui
Gustavo Yamada
Presentation by Gustavo Yamada
 Presentation by S.K. Thorat

Session 6: Trade and Investment 

Background Paper Presentation:
Trade and Investment in Latin America and Asia: Lessons from the Past and Potential Perspectives from Further Integration
Valdete Berisha-Krasniqi, Antoine Bouet, Carmen Estrades, David Laborde

Presentation by Antoine Bouet and David Laborde

   Agriculture, investments and food security: LAC and Asia 

Cesar Falconi
Presentation by Cesar Falconi 

A Mercosur Perspective on Trade and Investment 

Roberto Vázquez Platero

Presentation by Roberto Vázquez Platero

Presentation by Selim Raihan

Session 7: Learning Lessons and Looking Forward

Presentation by Michael Carter

Presentation by S. Mahendra Dev


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